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About us

One stop shopping - from start to finish.

Company History

JMF Underground is a central Pennsylvania based company that works alongside utility companies and their affiliates to complete maintenance as well as install new builds, which may include main lines and/or service line for their customers.

We have worked with multiple utility companies along the east coast on different projects to develop a feel for each individual type of installation. JMF is very familar with the problems associated with all matters involving the underground business and works to achieve the highest standard and professional grade while doing any work. Currently JMF has multiple types of boring equipment which are all used by highly qualified and trained employees.

Residential & Commercial

Directional drilling is an affordable and practical option for connecting utilities by lowering costs, hassle, and eliminating damage. By drilling under existing infrastructure without disturbing the surface, it minimizes costs, increases productivity, and prevents damage to the surrounding enviroment. JMF Underground can drill for any utilities without damaging your property or paying reconstruction costs for tearing up existing roads.


The well-being of our employees, customers, and the enviroment are extremely important to us. We take all the necessary precautions before starting a project, during, and after the project is complete. JMF Underground follows all rules and regulations set before us. All of our employees are properly trained for each specific job.