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A sample of work we have completed

JMF has been actively engaged in the installation of bored electrical primary and service lines for the past 10 years. Having performed installations all throughout Pennsylvania, we are knowledgeable about the working practices across different regions. JMF possess the ability to provide... read more

JMF Underground successfully completed the installation of 2000LF of 12" HDPE under a large wetland and cultural easement site. From the start it was made clear that there would be no allowance for frac out within the wetland or cultural easement site and JMF was able to deliver a completed... read more

JMF Underground is a approved business partner with Penndot. Familiar with Penndot's ECMS system, prevailing wage reports, material certification sheets, and all other necessary paperwork, JMF has install thousands of feet of conduit ranging from single 2" PVC up to 12" bundles of conduits.... read more

JMF was requested to design and bore a 24" Steel Pipeline crossing of a local state route. The topography surrounding the state route required relatively shallow depth when approaching the roadway. The shallow depth paired with the general instability of the subsurface conditions required JMF... read more

When PPL Electric Utilities had to perform a complex bore stretching nearly 900 feet they called on JMF Underground to complete the job. The bore took place in an area known for its extremely hard solid rock formations, and due to the restrictions of the Interstate ROW, it was required that the... read more

JMF was responsible for installing 900LF of 16" HDPE Waterline under a protected wetland and stream. Ground conditions varied greatly, with certain sections being soft and filled with voids, and other sections being solid rock. The mixed ground conditions required JMF to closely monitor... read more

Under the direction of Keystone Clearwater Solutions JMF was tasked with completing 17 steel casing bores under State Roadways. Originally designed as conventional style bores, JMF was able to utilize HDD techniques to lessen the open excavation requirements. Substituting HDD allowed the bore... read more

JMF successfully completed a 1100LF bore under a wetland and up a steep mountainside. Challenges on this job included a 239 foot elevation change from entry to exit pit. During the course of the bore our drill head was over 100 feet deep with exit angles of nearly 30 degrees. The bore was... read more

Over the past 5 years JMF has developed a turnkey natural gas division, durring that same period of time we have sucussfully completed nearly a quarter million feet of gas main installation.  Capable of installing plastic or steel gas main, and performing all necessary procedures for gas-up... read more

Over the past 10 years JMF has installed hundreds of thousands of feet of small diameter pipe including: 


Electric Primary and Service Bores

... read more

JMF successfully completed a pair of bores under a local protected creek. The allotted ROW allowed only a 10 foot separation between the 8" steel gas main and the 12" HDPE water line. Due to the sensitive nature of the surrounding areas, JMF kept drill fluid usage to a minimum to prevent any... read more

JMF was selected by John Anderson Construction and was tasked with completing the installation of 12" Steel Pipeline via HDD boring in 5 locations. Lengths ranged between 500 and 1,800LF the longest of which was crossing of both I-90 and a large canal.

In April of 2016 JMF was contacted by Keystone Clearwater to provide emergency slip-lining services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A section of 30" PCCP had separated under the Tennessee River and had significantly reduced operating pressures, an immediate fix was necessary and the best solution... read more

JMF worked alongside Brubacher Excavation to both design and build a 950 LF HDD bore under the Perkiomen Creek in eastern Pennsylvania. Having originally been designed as two separate bores, a modification was made to complete the work in a single bore due to site constraints. The bore passed... read more

JMF successfully completed a 780LF bore, and pulled a 6" steel package. Completing the bore without any type of irregular returns, ahead of schedule, and on budget; creating a win-win situation for both JMF and the Client.

JMF worked alongside Michels Pipeline Construction to complete a nearly 1500 LF bore in both solid and fractured rock formations in northeastern Pennsylvania. Additionally, due to the site constraints of this job, JMF was forced to bore from the top side of a large vertical change between entry... read more

Faced with the challenging combination of boring through both hard pack clay and loose sand in one continuous shot JMF was able to successfully complete a 1500 LF bore just outside of Laurel, MD. The final package included 6 HDPE conduits ranging from 4 - 8". JMF brought in a full time mud... read more

JMF was tasked with boring approximately 840 feet in a solid rock formation just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. Despite running through an old slag pit from a steel mill, JMF was able to regroup, redesign, and re-position the bore to ensure all original requirements were met.

JMF was tasked in the spring of 2014 to develop a boring plan to complete a series of 12" steel bores in an active military base. A schedule was set, allowing a shutdown of the range for no more than 21 consecutive days, during this time approximately 4,700 LF of pipe was to be installed over 5... read more

Installation of a 24" HDPE sleeve in one location spanning the McElroy creek in West Virginia. Total shot length was approximately 850LF, and due to the steep terrain at the exit pit location, required an precise exit at 22 degrees.

Installation in multiple locations of approxametly 3200 LF of 24" Steel Pipe under both a stream and wetland. Shot lengths were between 400 and 1900 LF

Installation of a 16" steel sleeve in three locations ranging from 200 LF to 1200 LF. Traversing streams, wetlands, roads, and railroads. After casing installation was completed JMF pull 12" HDPE pipe through the casing to be used for wellpad water.

Faced with extreme weather conditions our crews continued to produce above and beyond, while limiting the job to zero safety faults, or recordable incidents. A total of 6 HDD crossings were performed ranging in size from 6" to 12" with length between 400 and 1900 LF.