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Keystone Clearwater - 24" HDPE Sliplined Water Line - April 2016

Keystone Clearwater
Project Description: 

In April of 2016 JMF was contacted by Keystone Clearwater to provide emergency slip-lining services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A section of 30" PCCP had separated under the Tennessee River and had significantly reduced operating pressures, an immediate fix was necessary and the best solution was to slip-line the existing pipe with a 24" HDPE line. After evaluation, a total of 1700LF of pipe would need to be installed in a single pull, JMF, having sliplined via HDD before, advocated the speed advantage and price reduction by using an HDD rig to perform the slip-lining process. JMF was mobilized to site within 30 hours of the time of award. JMF used a modified 24" centering swab when pushing out to ensure no other defects in the line would prevent the slip-line from being successfully completed. Working late into the night through two consecutive days the slip-lining process took approximately 36 working hours spread over a 2.5 day period.