What makes us the Expert Standard in Directional Drilling? It's who we are.

Brubacher Excavation – 18″ FPVC Water Line

JMF worked alongside Brubacher Excavation to both design and build a 950 LF HDD bore under the Perkiomen Creek in eastern Pennsylvania. Having originally been designed as two separate bores, a modification was made to complete the work in a single bore due to site constraints. The bore passed through mainly fractured rock formations putting pressure on the mud mix and to reduce the possibility of irregular returns. Due to a tight time line on the project, JMF elected to perform a single pass ream cutting from our 9″ pilot directly to our 28″ final cut size. The final pull of 18″ HDPE was completed in a single day during normal operating hours.

Enterprise Pipeline – 6″ Steel Pipeline

JMF successfully completed a 780LF bore, and pulled a 6″ steel package. Completing the bore without any type of irregular returns, ahead of schedule, and on budget; creating a win-win situation for both JMF and the Client.

Michels Pipeline Construction – 16″ Steel

JMF worked alongside Michels Pipeline Construction to complete a nearly 1500 LF bore in both solid and fractured rock formations in northeastern Pennsylvania. Additionally, due to the site constraints of this job, JMF was forced to bore from the top side of a large vertical change between entry and exit.The final pull of 16″ steel was completed in a single day during normal operating hours even when considering the delay for a mid weld to be performed.

Mid Ohio Construction – 24″ Steel

JMF was tasked with boring approximately 840 feet in a solid rock formation just outside of Youngstown, Ohio. Despite running through an old slag pit from a steel mill, JMF was able to regroup, redesign, and re-position the bore to ensure all original requirements were met.

BGE – Multi Duct 26″ Package

Faced with the challenging combination of boring through both hard pack clay and loose sand in one continuous shot JMF was able to successfully complete a 1500 LF bore just outside of Laurel, MD. The final package included 6 HDPE conduits ranging from 4 – 8″. JMF brought in a full time mud engineer to ensure the highest possible success level for this project. JMF was also responsible for fusing, stringing, and proofing the conduits which totaled over 9,000LF.

Highland Partners – 12″ Steel

JMF was tasked in the spring of 2014 to develop a boring plan to complete a series of 12″ steel bores in an active military base. A schedule was set, allowing a shutdown of the range for no more than 21 consecutive days, during this time approximately 4,700 LF of pipe was to be installed over 5 separate boring locations. Working in close coordination with the facility owner JMF mobilized a total of 4 drilling rigs, support equipment, and enough personnel for all work to be completed under a 24 hour schedule. Focusing on safety as well as production, JMF brought in two full time safety auditors to monitor the drilling crews throughout each 12 hour shift. Even under the most strenuous of schedules, the crews progressed with no safety or production incidents. The job progressed well, and results arrived ahead of schedule with the final bore being fully completed and ready for tie-in 13 days after production began, easing pressure on the crews making final tie in and testing provisions.

CA Murren – 24″ HDPE

Installation of a 24″ HDPE sleeve in one location spanning the McElroy creek in West Virginia. Total shot length was approximately 850LF, and due to the steep terrain at the exit pit location, required an precise exit at 22 degrees.

Summit Utilities – Maine

Faced with extreme weather conditions our crews continued to produce above and beyond, while limiting the job to zero safety faults, or recordable incidents. A total of 6 HDD crossings were performed ranging in size from 6″ to 12″ with length between 400 and 1900 LF.

Keystone Clearwater – 16″ Casing for Waterline

Installation of a 16″ steel sleeve in three locations ranging from 200 LF to 1200 LF. Traversing streams, wetlands, roads, and railroads. After casing installation was completed JMF pull 12″ HDPE pipe through the casing to be used for wellpad water.