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One stop shopping - Turnkey start to finish.

Discover the new way of drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) continues to gain popularity as the top alternative to conventional trenching. The flexibility of HDD to drill below streets, highways, rivers, environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands, and other obstacles... read more

Boring with the latest technology

Using either a system of compressed air or pressurized water soft excavation is on the leading edge of digging technology.  Typical pitfalls of conventional excavation such as striking pipelines with heavy equipment are almost fully eliminated by... read more

JMF Underground analyzes each bore from start to finish using the most up-to-date technologies. Each project begins with a preliminary bore topographic survey equipment.  After all data is compiled, a bore plan is engineered by one of our on staff engineers have the ability to review all... read more

Excavating - where precision meets excavating

Utilizing conventional methods of excavating, JMF is capable of placing any size diameter pipe.  Being a cost effective way to place the pipe exactly where you want it, the tried and true methods of excavating will continue to be needed for... read more