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Bore Plan Engineering & Design

Extremely accurate from start to finish

JMF Underground analyzes each bore from start to finish using the most up-to-date technologies. Each project begins with a preliminary bore topographic survey equipment.  After all data is compiled, a bore plan is engineered by one of our on staff engineers have the ability to review all proposed bore paths prior to drilling operations begin to ensure all specifications of the project have been met.

After approval of the bore path, JMF will proceed to bore the pilot in accordance with the engineered bore path.  Upon successful completion of the pilot bore, the full bore path will be matched against the preplanned bore path to detect any discrepancies. 

Once a project has been successfully completed, the drill data from the True Guide locating software is exported into AutoCAD where a plan and profile of the product pipe is created.  This data can be incorporated into the previously existing as-built drawing or drawn as a standalone profile.  Exportation to GIS systems can be provided if necessary.  JMF engineering and bore design services stride to provide an extremely accurate bore plan from start to finish.