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Soft Excavation & Core Bore

Precise digging with minimal risk.

Boring with the latest technology

Using either a system of compressed air or pressurized water soft excavation is on the leading edge of digging technology.  Typical pitfalls of conventional excavation such as striking pipelines with heavy equipment are almost fully eliminated by inserting a guided pressurized lance with jetted tips.  These jet tips erode the soil and rock around the pipelines the remaining excavation slurry can then be pumped back out.  Additionally if excess backfill is needed the pumped slurry can be re-used as backfill.

This technology provides the most nondestructive means to precisely excavate a given area, being particularly useful for locating underground process piping without the use of traditional excavating equipment.  Compared to mechanical excavation, JMF’s vacuum excavator systems dramatically reduce the likelihood of striking or damaging existing pipe installations.

Non-destructive excavation methods are gaining popularity with underground utility companies, municipalities and other subsurface mechanical contractors.

Core Boring

Using a large diamond tipped hole saw, to precisely and carefully open up both asphalt and concrete road surfaces in order to visually expose pipes below said road surfaces. After the road surface has been cored, one of the afore mentioned soft excavation techniques is used to expose the subsoil until the buried pipe is found. After coring a road surface, the hole is refilled with flowable fill and the original core is placed back into the hole creating a finished product as good as new.