What makes us the Expert Standard in Directional Drilling? It's who we are.

Utility HDD Installations / Support Activities

Over the past 10 years JMF has installed over a million feet of small diameter pipe including:

Electric Primary and Service Bores

Gas Main and Service Bores

Traffic Signal Conduit Bores

Railroad Signal Conduit Bores

General Communicaion Conduit Installations

Water Main and Service Bores

On Grade Sewer / Drain Bores

We have also provided support work such as:

Vac Trucks

Butt Fusion

Electro Fusion

Paving / Concrete

Grass Restoration

Wood Group – 12″ Water Line – Circleville, Ohio

JMF Underground successfully completed the installation of 2000LF of 12″ HDPE under a large wetland and cultural easement site. From the start it was made clear that there would be no allowance for frac out within the wetland or cultural easement site and JMF was able to deliver a completed bore with ZERO frac outs.

Conventional Bores Converted to HDD

Under the direction of Keystone Clearwater Solutions JMF was tasked with completing 17 steel casing bores under State Roadways. Originally designed as conventional style bores, JMF was able to utilize HDD techniques to lessen the open excavation requirements. Substituting HDD allowed the bore pit excavation size on average to shrink from over 250 cubic yards per crossing down to 20 cubic yards per crossing. This is extremely applicable for jobs where you must reduce excavation limits to match permitting requirements. For more information about how we can save you time and money on your next conventional style bore by switching to HDD please contact us.

MG Dyess – 24″ Steel Pipeline Bore – Butler, PA

JMF was requested to design and bore a 24″ Steel Pipeline crossing of a local state route. The topography surrounding the state route required relatively shallow depth when approaching the roadway. The shallow depth paired with the general instability of the subsurface conditions required JMF to be extremely careful when boring as there was always an immediate chance of frac out. Despite the concerns, through carefuly monitoring of drill fluid returns and drilling pressures, along with multiple hole swabs during pilot and reaming, JMF did not have a single loss of returns or frac out.

PPL Electric Utilities – (2) 6″ Electrical Conduit Install – Carlisle, PA

When PPL Electric Utilities had to perform a complex bore stretching nearly 900 feet they called on JMF Underground to complete the job. The bore took place in an area known for its extremely hard solid rock formations, and due to the restrictions of the Interstate ROW, it was required that the bore be completed in a single shot.

Edgemarc – 16″ Water Line Bore – Butler, PA

JMF was responsible for installing 900LF of 16″ HDPE Waterline under a protected wetland and stream. Ground conditions varied greatly, with certain sections being soft and filled with voids, and other sections being solid rock. The mixed ground conditions required JMF to closely monitor returns to prevent and avoid frac outs. JMF takes great care when working around protected entities and is always prepared should a mud release occur.

Midway Energy – 8″ Steel Creek Crossing – Muncy, PA

JMF successfully completed a 1100LF bore under a wetland and up a steep mountainside. Challenges on this job included a 239 foot elevation change from entry to exit pit. During the course of the bore our drill head was over 100 feet deep with exit angles of nearly 30 degrees. The bore was completed on time and on budget despite working through one of the coldest winters in recent history.

Apex – 8″ Steel / 12″ HDPE Creek Crossing – Greensburg, PA

JMF successfully completed a pair of bores under a local protected creek. The allotted ROW allowed only a 10 foot separation between the 8″ steel gas main and the 12″ HDPE water line. Due to the sensitive nature of the surrounding areas, JMF kept drill fluid usage to a minimum to prevent any chance of frackout.

National Grid – 12″ Steel Pipeline Bores – Marcy, NY

JMF was selected by John Anderson Construction and was tasked with completing the installation of 12″ Steel Pipeline via HDD boring in 5 locations. Lengths ranged between 500 and 1,800LF the longest of which was crossing of both I-90 and a large canal.

Keystone Clearwater – 24″ HDPE Sliplined Water Line

In April of 2016 JMF was contacted by Keystone Clearwater to provide emergency slip-lining services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A section of 30″ PCCP had separated under the Tennessee River and had significantly reduced operating pressures, an immediate fix was necessary and the best solution was to slip-line the existing pipe with a 24″ HDPE line. After evaluation, a total of 1700LF of pipe would need to be installed in a single pull, JMF, having sliplined via HDD before, advocated the speed advantage and price reduction by using an HDD rig to perform the slip-lining process. JMF was mobilized to site within 30 hours of the time of award. JMF used a modified 24″ centering swab when pushing out to ensure no other defects in the line would prevent the slip-line from being successfully completed. Working late into the night through two consecutive days the slip-lining process took approximately 36 working hours spread over a 2.5 day period.